Food illustrations for Family Circle magazine US

I've been working with Family Circle to create some yummy, and educational spot illustrations for their magazine.

The first commission was for their March issue, which teaches us how to fold the pastry on an Peach Danish.

The second commission for their April issue shows us the secret on how to pipe icing carrots onto your carrot cake.  That's Easter sorted then!

Live fashion illustration at London Transport Museum

On Friday I was live drawing at a really fun event with the London Transport Museum.

The event, called Friday Late: Urban Fabric, celebrated "the softer side of transport" with a focus on the fabric that makes up our city. The event had loads of interesting talks, and workshops, and guests could have their portrait drawn on the back of a vintage Routemaster bus.  

People got really involved with the theme, many posing as commuters; reading their books. Others were happy to use the pole to boost their inner-model confidence.  It was a great night.

Denim customisation and hand-drawn, personalised gifts with Topshop

This month I was up in Glasgow with Topshop's #HolidayHappenings pop-up, where I offered denim customisation and bespoke, personalised Christmas baubles.

For the denim, I painted directly onto denim using fabric paint, offering a mixture of florals (hitting the a/w 16 embroidery and embellishment trend) and personalised monogramming and hand lettering.    


It's not something I normally do, so really nice to work with completely new materials.  A big thanks to Topshop for having me; it was lots of fun.  Here's some pictures of me in-store; pictures by Christina Riley.


x, Willa

Perfume Illustrations for Top Santé magazine

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I’m slowly catching up with myself and able to look back at some of the work I’ve been doing, but maybe forgotten to blog about.

Another great commission I worked on recently was with Top Sante magazine, who I’ve worked with a few times before.  This time, for their October issue, which might still be in stores, I was asked to create some lovely perfume illustrations.  I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out.

For the article, I also illustrated the title page:

Title page, lifestyle illustration: TopSante

Here's a few pictures of how it looks in the magazine:

Fashion illustrations for Sofitel London

If you follow me on instagram, you'll see I've been busy working on an exciting project with Sofitel London.   Over the last three months, I've been creating a series of illustrations which will help to promote the launch of their new exhibition, La Parisienne.

La Parisienne PR image by Willa Gebbie

The "La Parisienne" is a fashion photography exhibition which launched during Paris Fashion Week and celebrates sophisticated French style.  To stay within the fashion theme, they asked me to help them create a lookbook for guests, to help them create that French look.  The style guide was written by style blogger, Ella Catliff, and so the two of us worked together to get the illustrations just right.

I also created some beautiful fashion portraits to gift to magazine editors, and bloggers as part of their luxury invitation to the VIP launch event.  Here are some of my favourites;

And, if that wasn't already a great job, I was invited to be "illustrator in residence" during the launch week of the exhibition.  During my week-long residency, I attended the VIP launch event do draw quick portraits of guests.  The rest of the week, I was set up with an easel in the lobby of the hotel, where guests and visitors would sit for me for more leisurely fashion portraits.  It was a wonderful experience, and I painted so many lovely people.

You can see more pictures of my live drawing on lil collective's website.

My residency is over now, but the exhibition is on until the end of November, and so the style guides are still available in the hotel.  

If you like vintage fashion photography, it's well worth dropping into the hotel to see.  And even better if you have time to have a cocktail in the bar.

La Parisienne runs until 17 November 2016 at Sofitel London St James.

Illustrations for M&S food photoshoot

I am absolutely delighted to share one of my favourite jobs this year; a collaborative project with Marks and Spencer, where I worked with photographer, Jonathan Gregson to produce an illustrated, food photography story.  

Marks and Spencer are renowned for their great food photography, so I was already excited by the brief.  But, to make it even better, the team wanted to use real illustrations on paper, rather than adding them into the photographs digitally afterwards.  It's not the easiest way of working, but I knew that the results would be amazing.  It gave me full control on the composition of the images, and meant that it would have an authentic look.

And, the best bit, I got to go along and take part in the photoshoot with the fantastic team of photographers, photography assistants, editors, chefs, food stylists, prop stylists and productions managers! 

Here's some pictures from behind the scenes.

And the final pictures, as shown on M&S's website:

I'd love to hear what you think.

x, Willa



Live illustration and Packaging embellishment with Patek Phillipe.

Last week, I was a busy bee, working in-house for the events agency, Polar Black Events.  They asked me to help them out with a wonderful luxury event for luxury watch company; Patek Phillipe.

Special clients of Patek Phillipe were being invited to a vip launch of their new watch collection.  As a gift at the event, each guest was presented with a Jo Malone selection, and the boxes were hand embellished by me.  The boxes were rather big; around 50cm wide, so there was lots of drawing to be done.

Jo Malone boxes hand drawn illustrated

The sketch is of Tryingham Hall, a beautiful manor house near Milton Keynes, where the event was to take place.  A truly special memento of the day.

As well as hand-sketching on the boxes, I was invited along to the event itself to do some live sketching of the guests during the drinks reception.  Since it was such a beautiful day, I was delighted that the event could be held outside in the gorgeous gardens, and we were surprised by a secret performance of an orchestra and opera singer.  Wow!  It was a lovely experience.

Sadly I wasn't able to take many pictures; it didn't seem right at such a high-end event, but I was able to capture a few pictures of the house before the event got underway.

Watercolour Garden for L'Occitane at Chelsea Flower Show

If you managed to get tickets to the sold-out Chelsea Flower Show last weekend, you may have seen my illustrations decorating the L'Occitane show perfume garden.  The illustration was an artist's representation of what the garden would look like.  The garden was recreation of the French, Provence landscape in homage to the beginnings of L'Occitance.  It was in there, in 1976, a young Olivier Baussan found a discarded old steam distiller and started producing essential oils from local rosemary and lavender growers, which he then sold at the local markets. The garden had more than 300 types of flowers, although not all seen in my illustration.


The illustration was used on leaflets as well as on L'Occitane's website and social media.  Here's some places you might have seen it.

And, of course, some pictures of the garden itself.  Sadly I wasn't able to visit the show, the press team at L'Occitane were kind enough to share these photographs.  

 I wish I had been there in person, perhaps next year.

x, Willa

Lifestyle illustration for Top Santé magazine

I've grabbed a copy of June's Top Santé magazine, to see my illustrations in print.  

The brief was to create two full page illustrations for their article, "Sleep Deeply" (a single spread and a double spread). They were looking for some peaceful illustrations showing people having a good night's sleep and waking happily.  Such a lovely job.

To give you an idea of my working process, here's a step-by-step from art director brief through to final illustration.

I'm really pleased with the result of the final illustrations in the magazine.  What do you think?

x, Willa


Live Fashion Illustration at Reiss AW16 Launch

Last week I was invited along to the Reiss store in Barrett Street to illustrate the guests at their AW16 launch.  It was a great night; with a dj, blow dry bar, makeup bar and free flowing champagne.  And, I got to meet the lovely blogger, Anneli Bush.

Reiss were kind enough to share some pictures from their event; have a look.

x, Willa

Promotional illustrations for Diesel event

Last week, Diesel had some in-store events at their Birmingham and Glasgow stores to celebrate their latest woman's denim collection.  They have 4 new shapes, so there's something to find no matter your style.  At the event, they had a blow-dry bar, ready to give free styling for whichever of the styles best suit you.

I was asked to create illustrations to show the kind of hairstyles that were on offer, Each style corresponded with one of the denim looks; 70's Farah Fawcett inspired flicks for flares, Cute braids for the girl-next-door in boyfriend jeans, Sleek and smooth for the skinny jeans and 90's grunge for the high-waisted, tapered denims.

I couldn't make it to the event, so I asked the fabulous Glasgow-based photographer, Christina Riley to go along and document the event for me.  Here's some pictures of the illustrations in-situ.

x, Willa



Announcing Lil Collective; A live illustration collective.

I'm pleased to finally announce details of a project that's been in-the-making for a while.  I am now a member of the wonderful live illustration collective, LiL collective.

LiL collective live illustration London

I am joining forces with the super talented illustrators, Emma Block and Miss Magpie Fashion Spy, who are both live fashion illustration veterans,  to offer a more professional and streamlined package for our clients.

For us, it's an opportunity to work together on bigger, more ambitious projects.  And, to have a support network of talented and trustworthy artists who we can call recommend to clients,

We've already had some great meetings, and I'm super excited about what this means for the future.  Lots of exciting projects and the chance to experiment!

Follow the LiL collective on their blog, twitter, instagram and facebook.

LiL collective live illustration London

Beauty Illustrations for Stylist Magazine

I'm a massive fan of the weekly, London magazine, Stylist.  So was delighted when they got in contact last week looking for some beauty illustrations.  As part of a feature on skin sensitivity,   they wanted three small illustrations showing how you can check if your skin is sensitive against everyday products.

It was a quick turn-around, which I guess goes hand-in-hand with weekly magazines.  But really pleased with the final artwork.  Thanks Stylist!!

Beauty Illustrations for Psychologies Magazine

Back at the start of 2016 I was approached by Psychologies magazine to help with a feature called Enduring Love.  It looked at the memories that can be evoked through smell, and how everybody has at least smell which instantly takes them back to an important time in their life.  I was asked to draw a portrait of each of the editorial team, as well as the beauty product which held important scented memories for them.  A really lovely commission. Thanks Psychologies!





B&W Book Illustrations for "The Button Box"

Before Christmas I worked with the team at Penguin Randomhouse and CMYK Vintage to create a series of black and white illustrations of buttons.  The buttons illustrations would be used as chapter headers in The Button Box, a book which describes the social history of women through the buttons on their clothes.

I finally got a copy of the book, and I'm delighted with it.  It's a beautifully designed book and it looks like a great read.  Check out more about the book on this fab Guardian write-up.

Live Portrait Illustration with Ted Baker & Moore

Last Thursday, I was invited along to Ted Baker & Moore, Ted Baker's experimental shop at Old Spitalfield's Market in London.  The shop is an eclectic mix of "superbly stylish items hand-picked by the man himself" and the home of #NOT, No Ordinary Thursday; which sees a new in-store event happening every Thursday.  Definitely worth watching.

To celebrate the launch of the new #sixstarstyle campaign, I was asked to draw portraits of customers in-store.  Here's some pics of me and my lovely models. 

liveillustration by willagebbie at tedbaker

x, Willa


Live Portraits at Walter & Herbert

During London Fashion Week, I was in-store at the newly opened Walter and Herbert eyewear store in Seven Dials, Covent Garden.  To celebrate the launch of their new sunglasses collection, I was invited to draw portraits of people trying on their favourite sunglasses.

And, in true London Fashion Week style, I had an eclectic mix of stylish and flamboyant people coming along 💕 

Thanks for having me Walter & Herbert, you were a great team to work with!

x, Willa

Illustrations for Claire's Accessories

Before Christmas, I was asked to create a few illustrations for Claire's Accessories.  They wanted me to paint their jewellery, as well as a few of their silicon phone covers.  The phone covers are so bright and comical, it seems like quite a removal from my normal work, but I'm pleased with them nonetheless.

What do you think?

x, Willa