Farewell Cobble Lane Studio

 It is with a heavy heart that I am having to leave my art studio.  I was at Cobble Lane Studio for almost a year and, during that time, I discovered how wonderful it is to have a shared creative space.  My studio mates; Mike Hall, Zack McLaughlin, MESH137 and Claire Barrett are the loveliest people and I'll be sad to not have them in my life so much.

Cobble Lane's eponym
My old desk at Cobble Lane

And now, I'm back working from home (sigh).  It's not so bad, because it's definitely temporary until I find a replacement studio.  I will definitely be getting a studio space, as soon as my summer of weddings is over. It's worth every penny. Here's why:

Working from home sucks because:

  • If I'm in the house on my own for an extended period of time I start to talk to myself and go a little bit crazy.
  • There is not enough space in my house for all my "art stuff"
  • I am currently working on my dining table..... which means I have to eat very close to my computer (potentially disasterous)
  • I eat everything in the fridge.
  • I never stop working

Having a studio means:
  • I get to work with other illustrators, who share their stories and concerns and listen to mine
  • I get to meet other exciting people and we all know that networking is good.
  • I can separate life from work easily
  • I am super productive in the studio 
  • My illustration tools can be laid out sensibly
  • It makes me feel a little bit more professional
So illustrators, and creative people, let me know if you have a studio space in London.  I'd be keen to see it.
x, Willa