A Holiday in Girona

You may have noticed that I've been a little quiet online recently.  That's because I have been catching the last of the summer sun in Spain.  A friend was getting married in the Catalonian countryside, so we used the opportunity to see Catalonia, relax, read some books and indulge in some art.
We booked a sweet little Air bnb just outside Girona; a working farm.  It was beautiful and peaceful with chickens, ducks, rabbits, cows and not-so-wonderful mosquitoes.  We learned our lesson after the first night, and closed the windows before dusk.

Our Airbnb apartment

It was a great holiday.  Here's some of my highlights:

Can Ginebreda's erotic sculpture park
Amazing! Okay, I have to admit that the sculpture was not always my cup of tea, and the artist (Xicu Cabanyes) seemed to have a mixed style, but wow!  This massive park sits on top of a forested hill with incredible views and there was noone around. Noone except Xicu and his assistant, who have been working, creating sculpture within this idyllic workshop with his many cats and dogs for 40 years.  How he managed to swing this studio space, I don't know.
I dream of a studio like that!

Admiring the sculpture
View from the park

 The Dali Triangle

Three tourist spots in Catalonia; Dali's house, Dali's theatre museum and the castle that he gifted his wife.  The museum was an amazing building, but not the best collection of his work.  plus it was super busy.  But, the houses were wonderful! A real insight into Dali's life.  I've been reading into the relationship between Dali and his wife Gala - truly interesting

the view from Dali's house
Dali's theatre museum
The wedding
Of course! David and Tine hosted the most fabulous weekend.  A pinterest worthy wedding in the Catalonian countryside.  Think farmhouse, picnics rugs, boutique food vans, cake tables and the most amazing scenery.  All topped off with a bit of limbo dancing and early morning dancing in a field. Beautiful!.
cutting the cake
Catering from a vintage caravan