New Work - Portrait for Stella magazine

Truthfully, this commission was from back in August, but I'm just getting around to showing it.

I was asked to create my smallest ever commission. A teeny tiny portrait for Stella magazine at a miniscule 26mm wide.  Despite it's small size, it was no simple task to create a good likeness at this size.  I had to use simple, bold lines and strong colour to make it work.  A bit different from my normal style.
In fact, the art director, Jason Morris, had contacted me after seeing this ipad drawing on my website.  He thought that this style would be ideal for this simple, yet fashionable brief.

So, I set out to create an similar illustration, created with ink and watercolour.  And here's what I came up with.  Two options.  The art director had wanted something straight on, but I felt that the angled head would be more interesting for this graphic piece.  I'm pleased that they went with it.

 I also created some hand lettering for the article title.

Unfortunately I missed the image being used in the magazine; shame.

x, Willa