Watercolour Garden for L'Occitane at Chelsea Flower Show

If you managed to get tickets to the sold-out Chelsea Flower Show last weekend, you may have seen my illustrations decorating the L'Occitane show perfume garden.  The illustration was an artist's representation of what the garden would look like.  The garden was recreation of the French, Provence landscape in homage to the beginnings of L'Occitance.  It was in there, in 1976, a young Olivier Baussan found a discarded old steam distiller and started producing essential oils from local rosemary and lavender growers, which he then sold at the local markets. The garden had more than 300 types of flowers, although not all seen in my illustration.


The illustration was used on leaflets as well as on L'Occitane's website and social media.  Here's some places you might have seen it.

And, of course, some pictures of the garden itself.  Sadly I wasn't able to visit the show, the press team at L'Occitane were kind enough to share these photographs.  

 I wish I had been there in person, perhaps next year.

x, Willa