Illustrations for Claire's Accessories

Before Christmas, I was asked to create a few illustrations for Claire's Accessories.  They wanted me to paint their jewellery, as well as a few of their silicon phone covers.  The phone covers are so bright and comical, it seems like quite a removal from my normal work, but I'm pleased with them nonetheless.

What do you think?

x, Willa

Fashion Illustrations with Kelly Love

I can't describe how much I've enjoyed creating illustrations inspired by Kelly Love's a/w15 collection.  I created the most amazing mood board, full of kinfolk imagery, Scandi-minimalism, pastel shades, windswept landscapes.  Now I just want to paint covers for novels like Sunset Song and Wuthering Heights.

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Editorial Illustrations for German Wings

If you're flying with German Wings over the festive period, have a look at the in-flight magazine.  You'll find a 5-page article illustrated by moi, "Spaß im Schnee", or "Fun in the Snow". I was asked to mix my illustrations with photography, showing alternative activities in the snow.  It was good to do something a little different.

Here's the magazine, and a better look at the images:

x, Willa

Illustrated packaging with Links of London and Harrods.

A couple of weekends ago, I was delighted to be drawing in-house at Harrods. I was invited by Links of London to create bespoke, hand-drawn packaging to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  Throughout their anniversary campaign, Links had used the London skyline and wanted to keep this theme for their Harrods events, although we threw in some lovely Harrods-inspired designs too.

AND, next weekend, 27th-29th November, I'll be back at Harrods for their Black Friday 10% off weekend. Come and find me and say hello. 

Here's a few pictures of my handiwork.  

and a few pictures from Harrod's instagram page:

Bespoke, hand-drawn customised packaging for Links of London

Live Fashion Illustration with H&M at Selfridges

A couple of weeks ago I was back at Selfridges, this time drawing the stylish customers of H&M.  It's always a pleasure to get out of the studio and meet the lovely people that I'm drawing. 

I've just had some pictures sent to me courtesy of Lauren at Circle Agency who helped to co-ordinate the nationwide H&M events.  Thanks for letting me share the pics.

Personal Project: Independent Fashion Illustration

Today is the last day of London fashion week, and the first day of a new exciting personal project for me.   For the next six months, inter-London fashion weeks, I'm going to be focussing on a new series of exciting, contemporary fashion illustration. 

I'll be visiting independent fashion designers in their London studios to get an insight into their inspirations and design process.  This exclusive and personal insight into their collections will allow me to work with these designers to create illustrations that capture their original vision and depict the important details and textures which form their signature style.

london fashion peek desktop

I'll be visiting studios with my fashionary sketchbook in hand, to take notes and keep a visual record of the shapes and important details. I'll then take these back to my studio and work these into finished illustrations.  

Since this is a personal project, I'm hoping to take more time to develop ideas, experiment and work at a bigger scale than normal.

Willa Gebbie livedrawing_debranded_2.jpg

Follow me on Instagram to see my ongoing sketches, work-in-progress and illustrations. I'll be be using the hashtag #londonfashionpeek. As I go, I'll also be writing introductions about each of the designers, to give you some background to the project.

If you're a fashion designer and would like to get involved, get in touch. 

x, Willa


Ted Baker at Selfridges - Live Drawing Event

A couple of weeks ago I was with the fabulous team at Ted Baker.  We were celebrating the launch of their new exclusive range for Selfridges by offering personalised tote bags for customers.

I was in-store at Selfridges for two days drawing portraits.  It was a challenge, since I had to work using fabric pens - meaning that I had to change my style a little to meet the brief.  Plus, fabric pens are pretty dry and don't glide very easily over canvas.  Not my ideal drawing tool, but a really ingenious use of live drawing.  

Here's some pics by the lovely Rob Cartwright:

Links of London PR dinner - illustrated table settings

Last month I was contacted by Links of London to create some inky portraits for their #linksoflondontime dinner; a luxurious dining event at The National Portrait Gallery to celebrate Links' latest watch collection.

I was asked to draw portraits for 13 attendees, which would be used on their table settings.  I also hand lettered their names. A lovely idea.  Here's a few of my favourites (you'll notice that there's some men in there too.  See! I don't just draw ladies.)


Some of the guests were pretty pleased with their portraits and shared them on Instagram.  It was fun to see them being posted throughout the evening, I felt like I was there! Thanks to everyone for the lovely pictures.

Instagram Pictures from #LinksofLondontime PR dinner.

Fashion Illustrations for River Island X Zoë Jordan

Once in a while a great commission comes along. And this is one! Fashion illustration commissions don't come along that often, so when River Island got in touch to ask if I could create fashion illustrations for their latest designer collaboration with Zoë Jordan, I was delighted. 

The actual collection is top secret (of course!) until it launches with a short film during London Fashion Week at the British Fashion Council's Fashion Film event.  So, River Island wanted to use illustration to whet people's appetites.   I created three illustrations that give a flavour of the collection but don't too much away.  Of course it meant that I was given a privileged access to the new collection and to the official photography.  Squee! 

You'll see my artwork being distributed as part of the PR campaign and they've already been spotted in a number of online magazines including Vogue.  

The Zoë Jordan X River Island Design Forum collection will be available in store and online at in September. 

Hosting illustrator events with Yo Illo Talks

Something I don't talk about much here is the work I do with Yo Illo.  For those that don't know, Yo Illo is an illustrator's meetup in London.  It's a monthly meetup where illustrators can get away from their lonely studio and meet up with their peers, colleagues and partner's in crime.  It's been a vital part of my journey as an illustrator.

It's been running for almost 5 years, steered by the steadfast captain, Rob Barrett and over the last few years I've become more involved by running Yo Illo Berlin and co-ordinating some of our events.

This month became an exciting turning point for Yo Illo as we hosted our first ever Yo Illo Talks!  It's something we'd been thinking about for a while, so we were really excited when we were offered a space by digital agency ustwo to host our talks.

Our first event saw talented and successful illustrators, Kerry Lemon and Vic Lee coming along to talk about their large scale and mural work. Both Vic and Kerry have been coming along to Yo Illo for a couple of years, so it's rewarding to be able to hear what they've been up to in detail and to discuss their strategies and process.  

It was a real success.  In part because of the generosity of ustwo (so much pizza and beer!) but mainly because of the wonderful people that came along.  It made me feel blessed to realise how much YoIllo has developed a community over the last few years.  There were a lot of regular faces of course, but lots of new faces too and it gave me a fuzzy feeling inside to note that no-one was sitting on their own.  Illustration can be a solitary career, often occupied by introverts and worriers.  It's sometimes difficult to put yourself out there; especially when you're starting out.  I'm glad that YoIllo offers a place where we can feel at home.


Here's some pictures by the ever lovely Rob Cartwright. If you'd like to see more, then head over to the Yo Illo facebook page.

Illustrations inspired by ballet

Instagram is a great place for inspiration. Recently, I've been following Hyshil Sander (@hyshil), an illustrator and designer who's been working for the Dutch National Opera and Ballet (nationaleoperaballet). The photos are gorgeous!

ballet inspiration

So much pink tulle! 

Suitably inspired; between commissions I've been trying out some ballerina inspired sketches, creating pink watercolour textures, and made this illustration. 

Ballerina inspired illustration | Ballet shoes and tutus