New Designers - Highlights

Last week I went along to the New Designers at he Angel Business Design Centre, to see what illustration, design and textile graduates were doing.  There are so many talented people out there and it was great to see a real mix of styles from graphic novels to children's illustration.  It was really inspiring.
Here's some of my own personal highlights:

Annelin Fagernes' Illustration
Annelin's loose lines and free watercolours are beautiful.  I especially loved her book "The A-Z of unusual phobias".  It was fun and colourful and full of illustrated loveliness.

Rosy Higgen's (feminist?) graphic novels
These beautiful comics were so beautiful and Rosy is obviously very talented.  I fell in love with this comic even more because they talked about feminist issues; graphic novels for a new generation.

Emma Cowlam's hand stitched fashion illustrations

Technically, Emma was part of the exhibition as a graduate "one year
on", and of course I have seen her work in a number of blogs.  I love
her work, and it was motivating to see how much she has achieved in one
As well as exhibiting and selling her work privately, Emma's client list
includes Elle, Country Homes and Interiors and the V&A Museum.

The Blood Bag Project 

This great project was been set up Leigh Bowser, to raise awareness of
the rare blood condition Diamond Blackfan Anaemia after her niece was
diagnosed. This important cause asks people to take part in a craft
exhibition by "donating" a crafted blood bag.  Strangely beautiful, I'm
hoping to craft something, and encourage other people to take part too.