Spending time in Berlin - Becoming Location Independent

Some of you maybe know that I have started to divide my time between London and Berlin.  To be honest, it was never intentional.  Life sometimes throws something crazy in your direction - like my husband having to work there.
At first I really struggled with it, but slowly I've started to see it for what it is - an opportunity.  Being an illustrator means that you can work from anywhere.  As long as you have a laptop, and wifi then you're sorted.  Berlin is a great city and has an awesome reputation for being creative and having a well-defined illustration scene.  I'm hoping that by spending one week a month out there I might meet some great people and find some new creative opporunities and inspiration. 
If you're an illustrator based in Berlin say hello.  It would be lovely to meet you and share some London-Berlin illustration experiences.

My new desk in Berlin - homeworking for now.