Working in Berlin (being location independent).

As you might know, my huband works in Berlin a lot, so now that I'm a full-time illustrator,  I'm able to go out there with him and work from the home-studio I have set up there.  It's amazing and I feel pretty lucky!
I spent my first week working from Berlin last week.  To be honest, it was so cold outside, I pretty much stayed inside but I got loads of work done.  I did make a journey to the zoo to do some sketching, but my hands were so cold, I pretty much gave up. 

The view from my studio in Berlin (brrrr!)

This week, I am back in London. I've been creating some new self-initiated work for promotion and been sending a lot of postcards out to art directors.  Also, I'm patiently waiting to hear back about some potentially exciting jobs, so keep your fingers crossed for me!