Commissioning illustration for social media.

Recently, I've been creating a lot of illustrations for Tesco.  I've worked for their paper magazine before, but this time it's different.  I've been creating work especially for their social media outlets; Instagram and Twitter (@BeautyatTesco and @TescoFood).  It's the first time I've been commissioned for editorial illustrations in this way, and I think it's pretty exciting.

It's reckoned that a tweet with an imbedded image is much more likely to be retweeted. Hurrah! We've always known that a picture tells a thousand words; which in essence solves the issue of only having 140 characters.  Plus, illustration is an perfect way of solidifying your companies brand and making it instantly recognisable.

It's great to see that Tesco are taking their social media seriously; creating new and interesting content while supporting the creative industry.  Rather than the all-too-often regurgitation of images that have long lost their copyright owners.  I really hope it is succesful for Tesco! If it is, then I'm sure more online magazines and blogs will start using illustrators in this way. 

Perhaps this is a new arena for illustrators to excel with the demise of the classical publishing industry?