Personal Project: Independent Fashion Illustration

Today is the last day of London fashion week, and the first day of a new exciting personal project for me.   For the next six months, inter-London fashion weeks, I'm going to be focussing on a new series of exciting, contemporary fashion illustration. 

I'll be visiting independent fashion designers in their London studios to get an insight into their inspirations and design process.  This exclusive and personal insight into their collections will allow me to work with these designers to create illustrations that capture their original vision and depict the important details and textures which form their signature style.

london fashion peek desktop

I'll be visiting studios with my fashionary sketchbook in hand, to take notes and keep a visual record of the shapes and important details. I'll then take these back to my studio and work these into finished illustrations.  

Since this is a personal project, I'm hoping to take more time to develop ideas, experiment and work at a bigger scale than normal.

Willa Gebbie livedrawing_debranded_2.jpg

Follow me on Instagram to see my ongoing sketches, work-in-progress and illustrations. I'll be be using the hashtag #londonfashionpeek. As I go, I'll also be writing introductions about each of the designers, to give you some background to the project.

If you're a fashion designer and would like to get involved, get in touch. 

x, Willa