Food illustrations for Waitrose magazine - a photography collaboration

I'm delighted to share the results of a great commission for Waitrose magazine.  The July issue (in store now) contains one of my favourite commissions from this year.  The article, Gin O'Clock, looks at the new trend for small batch gins, and  explores some of the botanicals, flavours and possible cocktail blends.

The commission was another chance for me to work with an illustration/photography hybrid. I partnered up with photographer, Maja Smend and art director, Kerry Wakefield to create these gorgeous images.

We also created an illustrated backdrop which would sit behind the photographed cocktails.  We wanted something that was authentic, not photoshopped, so it needed some careful planning.  Kerry first created a faux-photoshoot, getting the composition and angles decided before creating the artwork, and giving me a good idea of where the illustration would need to sit on the page.

The original artwork was then couriered down to Waitrose for the shoot.

And then, to tie it all together, I painted these 12 gin bottles.

Here's the images in-situ:

Such a wonderful job to work on.  And as the cherry on the cake, Waitrose magazine featured me as a contributor. Delighted! Thanks Waitrose magazine!

x, Willa