Window Painting for Bobo London

Painting a shop window has always been a bit of a bucket-list job for me, so was really pleased to have had the opportunity last week.  The canvas was a gorgeous little hairdresser called Bobo in Camden Passage in Angel, London.  Bobo's head-stylist, Ali is a creative champion.  He's an illustrator and painter himself, and prides himself in running a creative, outlooking salon, with regular live-music nights and live artists in the salon's back garden.  

Ali was happy for me to art direct the project, leaving me to choose the direction for the window. The only request was to showcase Oscar, the salon's dog, who always sits in the window and has become a familiar face to passersby.  

I wanted the design to decorate the window without obscuring the view into the shop, so opted for a border.  Here's some pics of the final thing: