Live illustration and Packaging embellishment with Patek Phillipe.

Last week, I was a busy bee, working in-house for the events agency, Polar Black Events.  They asked me to help them out with a wonderful luxury event for luxury watch company; Patek Phillipe.

Special clients of Patek Phillipe were being invited to a vip launch of their new watch collection.  As a gift at the event, each guest was presented with a Jo Malone selection, and the boxes were hand embellished by me.  The boxes were rather big; around 50cm wide, so there was lots of drawing to be done.

Jo Malone boxes hand drawn illustrated

The sketch is of Tryingham Hall, a beautiful manor house near Milton Keynes, where the event was to take place.  A truly special memento of the day.

As well as hand-sketching on the boxes, I was invited along to the event itself to do some live sketching of the guests during the drinks reception.  Since it was such a beautiful day, I was delighted that the event could be held outside in the gorgeous gardens, and we were surprised by a secret performance of an orchestra and opera singer.  Wow!  It was a lovely experience.

Sadly I wasn't able to take many pictures; it didn't seem right at such a high-end event, but I was able to capture a few pictures of the house before the event got underway.